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Just a little bit about me...

I'll try not to bore you too much, but stick to a few (truthful!) facts about me.  I'm 49 (yikes!), and live in a small, brick 1940's house in Cincinnati with two cats (Scarlett and Dinah).  My hobbies are reading, travel and gardening.  My family consists of one daughter in Montana, six brothers and sisters (all younger), and a whole bunch of nieces and nephews. In the fall of 2002, I started law school part-time, and just finished my second year - I have two years to go! 
I'd been working in theatre for the past 10 years doing costuming for Cincinnati Opera and Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, along with a host of smaller freelance jobs, but decided I wanted to do something that utilized a different part of my brain.  I'm now working as a litigation paralegal for a downtown Cincinnati law firm.  If I'm still alive and coherent in four years, I'll let you know how it went!

My daughter, Katie